Wall Hangings, Masks, and other decorative things made from leather. These items are some of the pieces Broken Pine has made. These pieces are unique, one of a kind items and therefore, are subject to prior sale.

Please contact us, we will happy to discuss other similar items which may fill your needs.




 Mountain Scene Picture



Mountain Picture

A 3-D landscape of
     Wyoming's mountains
     using formed leather
     accented with twigs
     and acrylic coloring

Water Spirit Mask

Water Spirit Mask

Made of formed leather
The hair is striped leather

The Water Spirit protected the pioneers
as they crossed the rivers on their
journey west. She became so infatuated
with a few of the travelers that she just
had to take them to live with her.

 Leather Mask 'Wind Spirit'



Wind Spirit Mask

Mask of formed leather
     with fur forming the
     hair and hat

Leather Mask 'Gold Miner'


Gold Miner Mask

Formed leather mask wearing
     a small leather gold poke
     and a winter hat of fur and