Leather flowers, feathers and many other items items are used to make jewelry. These photos show some of the pieces Broken Pine has made. Some of these pieces are unique, one of a kind items and therefore, are subject to prior sale.

Please contact us, we will happy to discuss other similar items which may fill your needs.


Wild Flowers

These upper earrings are
     Shooting Star.
The lower earrings and
     pin are Indian Paintbrush
These are hook type earrings.

Wild Flowers

 Domestic flowers

The upper center and lower
     left are Red Roses on post
The lower center are
     Clematis on hook earrings.
The lower right are
     Purple Iris on hook earrings.

Leather Shapes

These shapes are approximately
     one inch across.
They can be used on Hat Pins
     or on Tie Tacs.
The Eagle Feathers can also be
     used on earrings and necklaces.