Leather flowers and other decorative things are used to decorate many things made from leather. These items are some of the pieces Broken Pine has made. These pieces are unique, one of a kind items and therefore, are subject to prior sale.

Please contact us, we will happy to discuss other similar items which may fill your needs.




 Rose Desk Pen Set



Rose Pen Sets

Desk pens mounted on
     a wood base, decorated
     with red leather roses

Feather Desk Set


Feather Desk Set

The Desk Pen, Letter Holder,
      Candle Clip Tray, and
      Calculator are all decorated
      with leather eagle feathers.

 Orchid Music Box


Orchid Music Box

A leather orchid sits
     on top of a music
     box covered with

The tune is "Send in
     The Clowns"

Mountain Mahogany Music box

A music box, covered with suede,
      is mounted below the
      Mountain Mahogany branch
      which is covered with several
      wild flowers.

The tune is 'Memories'

Aspen Leaf Tray


Aspen Leaf Tray

This knicknack tray is carved
     from one piece of leather.
The aspen leaves are raised
     above the surface of the tray.
The tray is finished with
     a semi-gloss water
     resistant finish

 Boot Bookends



Boot Photo Bookends

Each boot is fitted with a
      frame to display your
     favorite photo while
     containing your books.



Leather Hot Pads 

The leather is machine
     washable on gentle,
     then air dried.




The bears are dressed in
     pioneer style clothing.
The smaller dolls are dressed in
     leather indian style clothing.

 Salt & Pepper Shakers


Salt and Pepper Shakers

The shakers are glass covered
     with leather. The toothpick
     holders are free-formed from