Holsters and Sheaths

All holsters and sheaths are custom fit to the individual item.

Over 25 years of leather working experience goes into every
custom project or leather repair we produce!

6-shooter holster image on white background

Mexican Single Loop Holster

This is a Mexican single loop holster for a revolver. The gun belt has laced cartridge loops.

Concealed holster image

IWB Holster

This is an inside waist band holster that goes behind the back. It fits a semi-automatic handgun.

Gunstock holster image

Rifle Stock Cartridge Holder

This rifle stock cartridge holder laces on.

holser and clipps holster on white background

Pancake Holster and Clip Case

This pancake holster and clip case easily slide onto your belt.

2 Knife sheaths

Wrap Around Knife Sheaths

These knife sheaths are custom fit to your knife.

Hunting knife sheaths on white background

Wrap Around Knife Sheaths with Safety Strap

These wrap around knife sheaths are custom fit to your knife and have a safety strap.

2 dark leather knife sheaths

Wrap Around Knife Sheaths

We custom fit every knife sheath to your knife.

Leatherman holster

Miscellaneous Tools Case

These cases were built to fit flashlights and several other tools.

pocket knife sheath on white background

Belt Knife Sheath

This sheath was custom built to carry this belt knife.

Leather shotgun carry case

Rifle Carrying Case

Carry your rifle in safety with a leather carrying case. This one has an ammunition or tool case attached.

Custom Made Leather Goods and Leather Repairs

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