Miscellaneous Projects

Over 25 years of leather working experience goes into every
custom project or leather repair we produce!


Checkbook Liner

This liner can be inserted into a custom checkbook.

Billfold 2 image

Pocketbook Liner

This liner can be inserted into a custom pocketbook.

Leather snakeskin billfold image

Roper Waller

This tooled and laced roper wallet was created using snakeskin that we tanned.

leather bracers


These gauntlets were a custom job. As you can see, they were designed to deliver a message.

leather cowboy sculpture holding pistol

The Gunfighter

The gunfighter is a statue made from leather. Only his guns and buckle are made from metal. He is completely self supporting.

Leather Dancers Sculptire

First Wedding Dance

The dancing couple are statues made from leather and mounted on a music box so they dance. The music box plays “Anniversary Waltz”.

Deerskin pillow

Deerskin Pillow

This crazy quilt pillow is made from several pieces of deerskin laced together.

Pillow image

Deerskin Appliquéd Pillow

This deerskin pillow is laced together with pigskin roses appliquéd on the front.

Branded pillows image of three

Branded Pillows

These patchwork cowhide pillows can be made in an assortment of colors and branded with your selection of brands.

black watchband


We custom make watchbands to fit your watch and your needs.

Motorcycle back seat 2

Dragon Motorcycle Seat

This is the back view of a custom built motorcycle seat.

Motorcycle back seat

Dragon Motorcycle Seat

This is the front view of a custom built motorcycle seat.

hatband braid mystery braid black

Black Mystery Braid Hatband

This mystery braid hatband can be made to fit any size hat.

Tooled hatband feathers

Feather Tooled Hatband

The feathers on this hatband are all individual knifecuts.

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